Providing a little “color” to EKM’s proprietary approach to color and coating technology.

Getting the product right is only half the process. Choosing the right manufacturer to produce the product is critical to success. Astronomers will tell you the biggest star doesn’t necessarily burn the brightest. While the EKM Company has grown substantially over the last 5 years, focused growth on brightness, rather than just physical size.

In the coatings industry, this has meant seeking out and building the best-qualified scientific support for research, testing and problem-solving. Coupling experienced personnel with the most advanced Technologies for chemical and color production has resulted in reliable coatings created that fulfill a wide and expanding range of application challenges. It has meant adherence to the highest standards of competency, compliance, and consistency in the industry.

As a mid-sized company, EKM can respect the uniqueness of each client’s growing pains while providing stellar-quality service and solutions.